Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss.

Detoxification and relaxation supports weight loss is a body cleanse, which will help not only your body, but also your mind.

Detoxification and relaxation is a body and mind cleanse and supports weight loss.

We are all searching for ways to restore balance in our bodies in these hectic times full of stress. Below we offer you several treatments for detoxification and relaxation supports weight . For example, first-class multifunctional therapeutic spa machine NeoQi mediq is inspired by ancient philosophy and science about human life. After the first treatment, you will be feeling better already. It is a pleasant and safe treatment without side effects. The right method will bring you feelings of bliss. One of the benefits is that it can be easily combined with other treatments at the same time. More information about the treatment below.

Offer relaxation and detoxification

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Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss.

There are different methods that are well known, for example sauna, whirlpool, massages, chromotherapy, music therapy, infrared light, different types of meditation, regular exercise etc. The offered treatment has a goal of restoring both your physical and mental health. These relaxing treatments are the answer to new demands on the market – they combine treatment with full wellness approach. The philosophy of NeoQi® mediq (multifunctional therapeutic spa machine) – is that of Qi, the invisible life energy, that flows through everything in life. It represents vitality, breath and important life force of universe

It is possible to combine it with different treatments.

Non-invasive liposuction treatments

Cellulite reduction treatments

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments

Diode laser hair removal

Botulotoxin and hyaluronic acid

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Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss, client in physiotherapy bath after the program for faster muscle regeneration, Prague 9, Dana Clinic


Client in NeoQi physiotherapeutic cocoon after programme for faster muscle regeneration.

Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss in spa equipment NeoQi for beauty treatments. Dana Clinic, Prague 9.

Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss.

​The treatment is exactly what you were dreaming about!

Relaxation and detoxification supports weight loss in Spa equipment NeoQi for beauty treatments, Prague

Spa and relax

This treatment cleanses both body and mind.

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