Lipomassage cellulite removal.

Lipomassage cellulite removal is a relaxing treatment.

Lipomassage cellulite removal with cavitational ultraporation and endolift.

Do you with to have skin without cellulite? This dream can become your reality. Come and try our pleasant lipomassage cellulite removal, which will rid you of cellulite and at the same time help you lose weight, detoxify you and rejuvenate your skin. Regular lipomassage treatment acts as a prevention against cellulite formation. During lipomassage cellulite removal the tissue metabolism restarts, excess substances from metabolism are excreted and the weakened connective tissue is strengthened. The need for cellulite removal can be prevented by appropriate lifestyle, as well as preventive measures, such as lipomassage.


​It is recommended to combine painless lipomassage cellulite removal with other cellulite treatments for synergistic effect:

Complete information about the procedure

Treatment description

Treatment lipomassage cellulite removal is better than a relaxing massage.

In contrast to LPG technology which relies only on the vacuum massage, the patented system lipomassage EXIMIA further affects the fat cells with low frequency ultrasound and electrical pulses. The procedure is safe and is done on the body without a protective suit, because acts according the individually selected program (from 22) and does not cause vascular injury. We will select the program for lipomassage cellulite removal.


Endolift is four-phase vacuum massage with change of positive and negative pressure. Such active effect improves the lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, accelerates the removal of the cleavage products of the broken adipocytes and improves the elastic properties of the skin.

Cavitational ultraporation

Cavitational ultraporation effects strongly on cells from subcutaneous fatty tissue, using ultrasound and electrical impulses. Due to the effect of ultrasonic waves with a low frequency occurs destruction of fat vacuoles and leakage of their contents into the extracellular space. The electrical pulse further potentiates the action of ultrasound, by increasing the sensitivity of cells to it through the opening of the pores in the cell membranes.

Treatment duration

Depends on the zones and could vary from 20 to 60 minutes.

Treatment recommendations

6 to 10 procedures 3 times a week are recommended for maximal effect.

Treated areas

belly, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, arms

Treatment benefits

Body contours are tightened, skin is elastic and smooth, stubborn cellulite and fat deposits on legs, hips, and arms are destroyed.

Treatment process

Lipomassage cellulite removal.

The client will lie down comfortably and apply oil. The actual treatment takes place as a massage with the head of the device, which we drive around the treated area. The skin fold is sucked into the head by means of vacuum (vacuum), which is kneaded by two massage rollers, which control the computer, each has its own drive, rotates according to the selected program from each other, and creates a so-called “vacuum wave”. Wash the oil residue after treatment. The procedure is perceived as pleasant and relaxing.

Possible risks



Pregnancy, pacemaker, cancer, acute infection, heart failure, severe renal failure, varicose veins, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, mental health problems. With the permission of the physician, the device can also be used in the treatment of high blood pressure, pregnancy, asthma and diabetes.

It is possible to combine it with different treatments.

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Botulotoxin and hyaluronic acid

Relaxation and detoxification

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Lipomassage cellulite removal, Dana Clinic, Prague 9

Device for cellulite removal.

Lipomassage cellulite removal is better than a relaxing massage.

Client during lipomassage in Prague 9, Dana Clinic, Lipomassage cellulite removal.

Client during lipomassage.

Lipomassage cellulite removal, which will rid you of cellulite.


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