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Effective and painless liposuction without surgery and anti-aging

Painless liposuction without surgery and anti-aging will make you feel better, more beautiful and confident.

Painless liposuction and skin rejuvenation

My job is my hobby. At our studio, you will find professional individual approach, friendly atmosphere and individualised treatments. During the treatment I constantly psychologically support you, take photos, measure you, so that we can compare the results together afterwards. My priority is for the client to feel like “in heaven”. The most important things are your needs and satisfaction


Guaranteed results

  • Best value for your money
  • Immediate results

First-class equipment

  • Meets EU norms
  • Meets USA FDA norms
Owner of the Dana Clinic, Prague 9, Kbely.  Liposuction without surgery and anti-aging, best diode laser hair removal.


Photos before and after treatments liposuction without surgery, anti-aging.


What are our satisfied customers saying:

Sometimes exercise and clean eating is not enough and that is when the precise work of Mrs. Scholle comes to play. She will help you regain your lost confidence without pain. Dana is a very sympathetic and energetic lady. I can only recommend!



I was positively surprised by the effectiveness of passive muscle contractions, that I underwent with a pleasant feeling around my whole body – it is an ideal accompaniment to stremgth and endurance training or during fat loss.



Even through regular exercise I could not get rid of fat in problem areas. After consultation and procedures fitted to my needs the result was visible right after treatment. I was however noticing the slimming effects for the next three weeks as well. The results are permanent and as a bonus I have firm and toned skin on my belly.


As happy as can be!! ???? Wholeheartedly would recommend to anyone. ????



Beautification by a doctor

Professionals will take care of you

MUDr. Václav Poláček CSc.

MUDr. Václav Poláček CSc.

Hyaluronic acid and Botox® injection (Princess, Crome, Stylage). Lip augmentation. Comprehensive surgical interventions can be agreed.

MUDr. Martin Petrlík

MUDr. Martin Petrlík

Removal of all types of varicose veins. Book an appoitment here: http://www.petrlik.cz/

Gift cards.

Christmas gift cards, Dana Clinic, Prague 9.

We offer gift cards for all our services. Ranging from 1 000 CZK upwards.

Gift cards.

Give the gift of Beauty.

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