Lipomassage to remove fat.

Lipomassage to remove fat will rid you of fat in problem areas while you relax.

Lipomassage to remove fat feels like a pleasant massage. 

You are not overweight, yet you still cannot get rid of fat in problem areas? Does exercise targeting those areas not help and neither do diets? Then try our non-invasive lipomassage liposuction of belly, hips, buttocks and thighs, which is 5 times stronger than liposuction using cavitation. The results of painless lipomassage liposuction are visible right after the first treatment. Lipomassage to remove fat is a relaxing procedure, during which you achieve fat loss and body firming on the areas that you need. Let yourself finally relax and be cared for by us, while getting rid of fat using modern method of liposuction. More information about the treatment below.


It is possible to combine it with different treatments.

Other non-invasive liposuction treatments


Complete information about the procedure

Treatment description

Lipomassage to remove fat of belly, hips, buttocks and thighs

Treatment using the Eximia Attraction machine is a painless lipomassage liposuction, which meets all the demands of our clients, when it comes to fat loss, cellulite removal, reduction of water weight and body forming. Lipomassage liposuction is 5 times stronger than cavitation. Painless lipomassage liposuction of belly, hips, buttocks and thighs is also suitable for wilted skin for its recondition. Due to increase in peripheral blood flow, the skin regains its elasticity.   

In comparison to LPG technology, which relies just on vacuum massage, the patented EXIMIA system further affects fat cells using low frequency ultrasound and electrical pulses. The treatment is completely safe and is performed on the body without protective gear. It can be individualised based on chosen programme and it does not cause blood vessel damage.

The course of the treatment

  1. Endolift – drainage with four-phase vacuum massage with strong magnet

Endolift is a four-phase vacuum massage oscillating between pressure and vacuum. This active effect increases flow in the lymphatic system and microcirculation, which speeds up the removal of waste products and improves the elastic properties of the skin. Endolift is suitable for everyone, be it for cellulite prevention, cellulite removal or during problems with oedemas or water retention of any kind.

  1. Cavitational ultraporation – using electroposesis and microacoustic waves – particularly for the removal of local body indispositions.

Cavitational ultraporation strongly affects cells in the subcutaneous fat cells using ultrasound and electrical impulses. Due to the effect of ultrasound waves with low frequency, the fat vacuoles are destroyed and their contents leak into the extracellular space. Electrical pulse further increases the effectivity of ultrasound by increasing the sensitivity of the cells, by opening the pores in cell membranes.

The principle of the treatment is a massage using an applicator, into which skin is sucked in using vacuum. It is then massaged by two computer-controlled massage rollers. Each has its own engine and based on the chosen programme they can either roll in the same direction, in opposite directions or into the sides and therefore create a “vacuum wave”. Based on the chosen programme, the wave can either act on deeper layers of the skin (local fat, cellulite), or it can smoothen and firm the skin (after birth, after liposuction), or it can perform drainage and therefore activate the lymphatic system.

The treatment is supported by oxygenation and therefore it improves smoothness and hydration of the skin and forms the body. The results are visible right after the first treatment and in only 6 treatments you will achieve slimming and firming of your body, in the places you need. The treatment is pleasant, painless and you will feel relaxed after undergoing it. Cellulite removal works when diet and exercise do not. Recommended for women after giving birth.


Treatment duration

Depends on the zones and could vary from 20 to 60 minutes.

Treatment recommendations

6 to 10 procedures 3 times a week are recommended for maximal effect.

Treated areas

belly, hips, buttocks, back, breasts, thighs, calves, arms

Treatment benefits

  • Body contours are tightened
  • Skin is elastic and smooth
  • Stubborn fat 
  • Deposits on legs, hips, and arms are destroyed.
  • Reduce cellulite

Treatment process

Lipomassage to remove fat.

The client comfortably lies down and we apply oil on her. The treatment itself is like a massage using the machine applicator, which is rolled over the treated area. The skin is sucked into the applicator using vacuum and then massaged with two rollers. Each is spinning in different directions and therefore creates “vacuum wave”. After the treatment, we wash away the leftover oil. The treatment is perceived as pleasant and relaxing.

Possible risks



Pregnancy, pacemaker, cancer, acute infection, heart failure, severe renal failure, varicose veins, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, mental health problems. With the permission of the physician, the device can also be used in the treatment of high blood pressure, pregnancy, asthma and diabetes.

Lipomassage to remove fat  actress Misa Dolinova, Prague 9, Dana Clinic


Actress Misa Dolinova during lipomassage.

Lipomassage to remove fat.  Vacum device is used also for lipomassage cellulite removal. Prague


Removing fat with lipomassage is effective.

Cellulite reduction treatments, body firming, fat reduction with  lipomassage device.  Dana Clinic, Prague 9

Lipomassage to remove fat

Get rid of fat and cellulite with a procedure, that is better than a relaxing massage.

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