Non-invasive liposuction without surgery.

Do you find it hard to lose weight? Non-invasive liposuction without surgery is a victory over age and fat.

Non-invasive liposuction without surgery will give you the slim body you are dreaming of.

Painless liposuction without surgery will rid you of unwanted fat gently, without risks and you will regain your self-confidence.

Painless liposuction lasts several minutes and is repeated several times during one treatment. The effect is visible very soon and you will start feeling much better about yourself after few treatments. Apart from making your body more beautiful, visiting us will help your overall health. Do diets not help? Neither do „miraculous“ pills, teas or cocktails? Did you start to excercise regularly, but you always give up? What to do with all this? Choose from our offer of complex non-invasive liposuction without surgery methods and get the body you will be proud of.

We recommend undergoing painless liposuction regularly twice a week. For long term effect, maintenance treatments are neccesary, that are reccomended on an individual basis. Some non-invasive liposuctions are comparable in effectiveness with classic liposuction, however the treatment does not limit you medically.

Do not be afraid and try it out, you will see the results right away. For example cryolipolysis will effectively rid you of fat in problem areas, where other methods do not help. Due to amazing results it is comparable with classic liposuction.

Offer non-invasive liposuction without surgery treatments:

Non-invasive liposuction without surgery is possible to combine it with different treatments.

Cellulite reduction treatments

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments

Diode laser hair removal

Botulotoxin and hyaluronic acid

Relaxation and detoxification

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Client after 4 Non-invasive liposuction without surgery, 7 cm loss and perfect body, Prague 9, Dana Clinic

Liposuction without surgery.

Painless liposuction immediately rids you of excess fat and at the same time firms the skin. Lose weight and relax.


Cryolipolysis freezing of fat cells, bevor and after treatment, Non-invasive liposuction without surgery, Prague 9

Liposuction without surgery.

Before and after cryolipolysis – freezing of fat cells.


Lipolaser liposuction of more areas simultaneously. Lose weight and relax, free consultation, Dana Clinic, Prague 9. Non-invasive liposuction without surgery.

Lipolaser liposuction.

Lipolaser liposuction of more areas simultaneously. Lose weight and relax. Free consultation.

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