Diode laser hair removal.

Diode laser hair removal using 808 nm diode laser rids you of unwanted hair painlessly and effectively.

Effective diode laser hair removal.

Are you tired of constant shaving and problems with ingrown hair? Diode laser hair removal is a quick, effective and painless solution to your problems. We have a cutting edge medical epilation diode laser with 808 nm wavelength, which is able to epilate even light and fine hairs and due to its cooling system, the treatment is completely painless.

Epilation diode with the unique wavelength of 808 nm can precisely target the hair follicles and effectively destroy them, so that you permanently get rid of your hair. Permanent body epilation using diode laser is painless, effective and safe. Laser epilation is used to get rid of hair anywhere on the body and is suitable for both men and women. Book your appointment for permanent body epilation and see your self-confidence increase.

More information about the treatment:

More information about the treatment.

Unique technology, which is the primary programme of the epilation diode laser ensures painless and quick treatment, which is performed “in motion”. Premium cooling system ensures highly effective cooling, which is used to protect the treated areas. Laser epilation uses energy that affects the skin and the melanin in the follicles absorbs the light energy and transforms it into heat energy. The hair is destroyed. Free consultation. You will save many hours of time and pain every year.

Finally, smooth legs, no ingrown hair or itching, all solved by diode laser epilation.

Diode laser epilation is effective and painless.


Diode laser hair removal permanent epilation is possible to combine it with different treatments.

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Relaxation and detoxification

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Diode laser hair removal is painless, Prague 9, try permanent epitation.

Pemanent epilation.

Laser hair removal.

Diode laser hair removal  in Dana Clinic, Prague 9, Get rid of your hair.

Laser hair removal.

Diode laser for epilation is a quick, effective and painless solution to your problems.

Diode laser hair removal for perfect smooth body, Dana Clinic, Prague 9

Permanent epilation.

Laser hair removal for perfectly smooth body.


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