Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction.

Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction using the BTL machine is a relaxing and pleasant treatment.

Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction.

Do you want to feel much better? Are you tired and without energy? Do you have problems with cellulite, that make you angry and do you want to get rid of them? Try our lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction programme, that helps not only with cellulite removal, but also with detoxification of the organism, prevents formation of varicose veins and oedema, regenerates and relaxes you, treats acne and speeds up recovery after surgeries. Depends what programme you select on the BTL lymphatic drainage machine you choose.

Complete information about the procedure

Treatment description

Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction.

Lymphatic drainage is available in 11 different programmes. Lymphatic drainages (lymphatic massages) activate the flow of the lymph in the lymphatic system, which is very important part of the immune system. The lymphatic system is responsible for gathering and disposal of metabolic waste from the human tissues. Under normal circumstances, lymphatic system carries about 4 litres of fluids daily, consisting of water, proteins, fats, salts, dead cells, bacteria and metabolic waste. It is very important for reducing water retention.

The benefits of BTL-6000 treatment

  • Tested medical method available for both rehabilitation and aesthetic medicine
  • Immediately visible results
  • Very pleasant treatment for patients
  • The body is not burdened by chemicals

Treatment duration

45 or 60 minutes

Treatment recommendations

So, how often you should repeat the procedures? That depends on your personal goals and what you would like to achieve. twice a week for two weeks ten times in total

Treated areas

From belly to end of legs

Treatment benefits

  • You can see the result right after the first treatment
  • Painless, safe treatment without side effects
  • Possibility to combine with other treatments at the same time

Creates a feeling of lightness in limbs and lowers their volume.

Treatment process

You purchase special lymphatic drainage pants for 120 CZK, comfortably lie down and we wrap your legs and compress your belly with a special waistband. You feel pleasant pressure. After the treatment and the deflation of the chambers, relax for 2 minutes. Lymphatic drainage massage for cellulite reduction is a very pleasant and relaxing treatment.

Possible risks



Pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute inflammation, viral and bacterial infections, heart disease, severe liver disease, bronchial asthma, varices (varicose veins), high blood pressure, acute venous disease, epilepsy, liver diseases, joint damage in pressotherapy, cancer, poor kidney and thyroid function, high eye pressure, glaucoma – glaucoma.Those, who suffer from varicose veins, serious heart conditions, circulation problems or cancer, are advised to consult your GP.

Price list

Depends from time: 300 CZK to 550 CZK

Other cellulite reduction treatments

It is possible to combine it with different treatments.

Non-invasive liposuction treatments

Non-invasive anti-aging treatments

Permanent epilation treatments

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